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Where is the best place on Anglesey to view the Aurora?

Updated: Jul 2

Nestled off the northwest coast of Wales, Anglesey is a tranquil island offering stunning natural landscapes and a serene escape from the bustle of daily life. For those fortunate enough to visit during a period of heightened solar activity, Anglesey can also provide a unique opportunity to witness the Northern Lights, or Aurora Borealis. While sightings in these latitudes are rare, the island's unspoiled beauty and minimal light pollution create an ideal setting for such a celestial spectacle. The best place in Anglesey to experience the aurora is arguably the coastal area around Penmon Point.

Penmon Point, located on the eastern tip of Anglesey, is renowned for its picturesque lighthouse and expansive views of the Irish Sea. This spot offers a clear, unobstructed horizon to the north, which is crucial for spotting the aurora. The combination of its remote location and limited artificial lighting ensures optimal conditions for viewing the night sky in all its glory. On a clear night, with a bit of luck and patience, Penmon Point can transform into a breathtaking vantage point for witnessing the dancing lights of the aurora against the backdrop of the sea.

Another prime location on Anglesey is Llanddwyn Island, near Newborough Warren. This tidal island not only provides an enchanting setting with its historic ruins and sweeping beaches but also offers an excellent northern view across the Menai Strait. The island's relative isolation from major urban centers makes it a perfect spot for stargazing and aurora hunting. Whether you're a seasoned aurora chaser or a curious first-timer, the natural beauty and tranquility of Llanddwyn Island create a magical atmosphere that enhances the awe-inspiring experience of seeing the Northern Lights.

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